Can a Glass of Wine Delay the Aging Process?

Can a Glass of Wine Delay the Aging Process?

With the daily consumption of good wine in a moderate dosage (not more than one or two glasses), you can try to preserve memory and mental clarity until old age. According to the results of a long study, this conclusion was announced by experts representing the American universities of Maryland and Kentucky.

Scope of research

The study was conducted in the United States since 1948. This survey was attended by 619 elderly Americans – from 69 to 92 years old, who regularly consumed wine. Seventy-eight percent of study participants demonstrated a good state of memory and an exemplary ability to perceive new information. Twenty-two percent of the subjects did not find any particular positive changes. The protective effect was more clearly manifested in those who preferred to drink seven to fourteen glasses of wine a week throughout their lives.

Opinion of scientists

How can nutrition prevent premature old age?

Scientists found that the consumption of wine had a positive effect on the mental abilities of persons who did not have the e4 modification of the APOE gene (associated with Alzheimer’s disease). It is also true that the participants in the experiment, who for some reason suffered from gene variation, were distinguished by a decrease in memory. In such patients, the ability to learn decreased, although they practiced daily intake of wine. Paul Green, one of the authors of the study, summed up: without a doubt, a glass of a different wine per day is capable of removing the sharpness of aging.

Upper limit

Boston scientists are ready to agree with the conclusion of their colleagues, who, during their own research, were also able to conclude: you can ensure a decent quality of life for yourself if you drink two glasses of wine every day. At the same time, the upper limit was voiced – fourteen standard doses of alcohol per week. Women should not consume more than three doses per day, while for men, it should not exceed four doses per day. It is also worth noting that not so long ago an anti-aging cream with red wine components was created.

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