Accountant of basic click Javascript

To add to an accountant of click for elements of SUNDAY or labels HTML

This he is a basic accountant of click for any element of your Web, in this version we did not send the data nor anything similar simplemento we showed as the clicks are added and as to show them in necessary case calling them from any part of our Web.

/* TEST * <div id= " count_click " ></div> <button name= " count_click " >A‘ADIR CLICK</button>

/** @desc: Basic accountant of clicks @status: STABLE @build: PASSED @version: 0.0.1 @fecha: 14.11.2015 * //PONE the ACCOUNTANT To 0 bar count_click = 0; //A SWIMS a CLICK WHEN EXECUTING the FUNCTION function count_click_add () \ {count_click += 1; } //MUESTRA WHICHEVER CLICKS WE TOOK to $ (€œ#count_click€) .text (count_click); //A SWIMS TO ALL THE BELLBOYS WITH YAM count_click THAT TO the BEING BEATEN EXECUTES ACCOUNTANT $ (document) .ready (function () \ {$ (€œbutton [name='count_click']€) .click (function () \ {count_click_add (); }); });