Price Webpage

We showed an average to you of the cost that will be able to have its Web

First we differentiated between Webs: basic, presentation, company, corporative, catalogue, lie down online, services, outpost, Control Panel, to size. If the Web that needs is between the previous ones we are going to be able to help him and to indicate the average cost to you that it can entail the creation of his new Web.

Price Design Web

The Webs normally usually go accompanied of a maintenance Web so that it is to the updated one daily or monthly. Also the company that manages it will realise changes if outside necessary and tasks of maintenance.

Type Minimum price Maximum price
Basic 50‚¬ 450‚¬
Presentation 250‚¬ 500‚¬
Company 450‚¬ 800‚¬
Corporative 800‚¬ 1.200‚¬
Catalogue 1.000‚¬ 1.500‚¬
Store online 800‚¬ 5.000‚¬
Services 2.500‚¬ 6.000‚¬
Outpost 3.000‚¬ 7.500‚¬
Customized manager 5.000‚¬ 10.000‚¬
To size 2.500‚¬ 100.000‚¬
Price Webpage