What is a real estate business and how to make money without investment?

What is a real estate business and how to make money without investment?

Real estate is simply a business of properties, which includes land and buildings. The term real estate is coined because land or building should be real, that means they should be physical, existing in the real world. They cannot be virtual or digital. If you are a person with an everyday job and want to make some extra money or a retired person who wants to continue earning, real estate is your best bet. There are different types of real estate business


Residential real estate includes homes. This includes categories like single rooms, One BHK, two BHK etc.


This includes large structures such as warehouses and manufacturing buildings like factories or labs.


Commercial real estate includes buildings for commercial purposes. This includes shopping malls, educational institutions, spa, hospitals, any commercial buildings. Flats or apartments are also considered as commercial buildings since they are a source of income. The flats or apartments can be listed in many real estate websites before even completing the construction. If you want to buy a home/building you can find the contact number of the owners or brokers then you can contact them. If you want to sell/rent your buildings, you can list your building on the websites.


Land includes any vacant land. The rate and price of the land depends on several factors. Some of them are: where the land is located, which area the land is located, the type of land etc.

How to make quick money as a real estate agent?

If you are a young person who is looking to make some money or an elder person who want to continue earning even after retirement, real estate offers you a solution.

You don’t need to be a graduate or a Ph.D. holder to make money in real estate. The only skill you need to make money in real estate is talking and convincing skills.

You can work as a real estate agent and can help people to buy and sell properties.

There are two types of agents in real estate

Seller’s agent

Seller’s agents are agents who make a deal with property sellers and receive a commission when they bring buyers who actually purchases the property. Seller agents get a good amount of commission depending on the value of the property.

Buyer’s Agent

A buyer’s agent is an agent who helps the buyers find some good properties to buy. They receive a good amount of commission from the buyers after the purchase. If you want to make the highest possible money, you should be both seller and buyer agent. Most of the agents make a deal with a seller first and when they get a buyer, they show the property which they already know. This way you can get a commission from both the sellers and the buyers.

Tips to find a seller or a buyer with ease

Finding a seller

There are many websites to sell real estate properties. One of the well-known websites is 99acres.com. To find a seller, go through all the properties available on the website and open any of them to get the location and contact details of the owner. Once you get the contact details, talk to them and try to make a deal. Consider reviewing 2019 medicare advantage plans at https://www.medicareadvantageplans2019.org

Finding a buyer

Without any real estate office, finding a buyer is a tricky job. It requires some efforts. Before finding a buyer, you should at least find one seller. Once you find a seller, the trick is to list the seller’s property in the website with your contact address. If a buyer is interested in the property, he will directly contact you, who is an agent. You can show the listed property to the buyer. If the buyer purchases it, you can get the commission from both the sides.